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Welcome to Friday! Hope, you have already started to enjoy the evening with glass of good wine 🍷
Sir Robert Scott Caywood (whomever he was/is) said, that "Compromises are for relationships, not wine." We would rather say "Compromises are not for wine, neither for camper vans!" 🙃
Let's go!
Part 5. - #GTCampervans
Active ZS vs. Challenge XS

As promised, today we would like to present Active ZS, a very special model.
You might remember from part 2. of our #GTCampervans series, the key difference between Voyager and Pathfinder series is the back wall and garage door.
Subsequently, Active ZS has a large composite lid while Challenge models have a standard back door of the panel van. This modification gave us ca. 12 cm of additional usable space inside. In some sense, Active ZS is similar to Voyager ZS as both models share almost exactly the same floor plan.

In other words, if you are looking for a camper van for 2 or maximum 3 people, with two single beds that can be converted into one large double bed, and you want it to be under 6 m long, Active ZS is the right one. Based on L3H2 panel van (please refer to #GTCampervans Part 4.) it is a perfect and versatile vehicle for the most active travellers.

Alternatively you might also have a look at Challenge XS, the other 599 cm long Globe-Traveller van, with French bed and a bathroom at the back of the vehicle. This one would offer bit more space in the middle, at the expense of the size of the main bed.

Whichever is better for you needs, both are equally compact and agile. 🙂

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Festive season is fast approaching.
Let's spread some holiday cheer here on our profile.
Keen eye will immediately notice Globe-Traveller Voyager in this promo video by Grupa Elcamp. Even, though it is in Polish only hope you will like it 🙂

Part 4. - #GTCampervans
H3 vs. H2

Today, let us focus on height and explain what the difference is between a ‘high roof’ and a ‘super high roof’ and why it is so important.

At Globe-Traveller we only build our campers based on L3H2, L4H2, L3H3 or L4H3 panel vans. L indicates the length of the vehicle: L3 I 599 cm and L4 is 636 cm long. H tells what the height is: H2 – high roof – 260 cm and H3 – super high roof – 280 cm.

While all Voyager, Pathfinder and Explorer models are based on the ‘super high roof’ panel vans, for Challenge series and Active ZS we use ‘high roof’ vehicles.

As you already know we modify roofs in Voyager and Pathfinder models, adding extra 20 cm of height nearby a dinette area of the van. In this case clearance (distance between floor and a ceiling) is 210 cm in the front and 195 cm nearby a main bed. In Explorer models it is equal to 195 cm throughout the whole length.
Additionally, we were able to build a double floor under entire habitation area, what makes all the three series truly winterized motorhomes.

Models based on H2 vehicles have a clearance of 189 cm and do not have a double floor. They are not only lower, less prone to side wind gusts, but also slightly lighter. The difference in the weight is about 60 kg between the models of the same length.

So, if you do not plan to use your van in the winter when temperatures are below 0 and if you do not need four berths, most likely a Challenge or Active models are better for your needs. Bit more compact, slightly easier to drive on the highway and with better fuel economy, they are much better choice for those who prefer Spain over Switzerland in the winter and usually travel for very long distances during their trips.

And next time, we will tell you what is unique about Active ZS and why it is so special.😃

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Are you ready for next part of our comparisons? 🙃
Part 3. - #GTCampervans
Explorer vs. Pathfinder

Today something just for the two of you! Let us present Globe Traveller Explorer!

What differs Explorer from Pathfinder?
☑️ height of the vehicle - 280 cm vs. 300 cm
☑️ no roof modification in Explorer, neither fold down upper bed
☑️ additional, vast overhead lockers in dining area

What is common?
✅ all three floor plans (XS, X and Z) are the same for both series
✅ standard rear doors
✅ double floor (fully winterised camper van)
✅ bike version available in both series in Z models only

Let's make Friday's evening romantic ! 😍
Do you know the song written by Bill Withers, "Just the Two of Us"? If not for the year of the creation of the song, we would have claimed that it was created during the journey in one of Globe-Traveller Explorers. 😀
Please check the first comment in this post!

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The Globe-Traveller Voyager ZS is being presented for the first time at the exhibition addressed to people around 60.
60plus Mässan is a series of events that take place in various cities in Sweden throughout the year. In total there are 6 of them.
Do you have such events in your country or town?

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